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07-23-2006, 06:53 PM
Hi all

Just got to know about this site and hope like others i will also get benefited from this .

Well Im in australia on visa subclass 457(business long term) , while applying for the same i had included my spouse name as well so she also got the same visa.

Now her company in india is asking her to apply for a subclass 456(business short term) , i just wanted to know can a person hold both 457 & 456 at the same time ?
Or is that if she applies for 456 the other one 457 got cancelled?

Also later if her company process the 457 will there be any conflict with the existing one

Thanks In anticipation

Pink Panther
07-24-2006, 12:26 AM
Hi Subbu,

Nope, a person can hold only one valid visa at a time and yep, if she applies for a new visa, the previous will be cancelled. And it doesn't sound like the best exchange...

But mmm, in your case I think it's something that I miss: if you included your wife in your application and she got a visa already due to you and as a family member, why is her company in India involved with her visa status?
Is your wife with you in Australia as well? Or she has a strict contract with them and she's restricted by them?
I hope I am not being indiscreet. I would like you to help me understand your situation better.


07-24-2006, 04:04 PM
Thanks PP for the response , well my wife is in india
And i know dependent 457 is much better option thats why am enquiring .

Im not sure why her company wants to process it again may be as it is dependent on me so they may think what if i go back .Whatever may be there reason Im not sure on that ..

But what if she comes here on their companies subclass 456 which holds only for 3 months then after that , Is that as long as im here her dependent visa will allow her to stay here Or do i need to apply for a dependent visa again for her.

As when i was enquiring , someone said , A person can have two visa as they are different subclass but only one will be effective at a time And in that case i feel once the validity of 456 gets over she regains her 457 automatically.
I just wanted to confirm is that the way it works or not?

I hope am not confusing you But this piece of information would be very valuable for me in terms of how to proceed with that.

Once again thanks

07-24-2006, 04:25 PM
Hi Subbu,

It might be better for you to discuss this with her company. They might not know that your wife already have full work rights in Australia. They do not have to do much. As it is for a 3 months, there is not much time to apply for 456 and then again reapply for 457.

If still they want to obtain different visa for her, you have to speak with your company. There may be some issues relating to insurance etc.

Once she is here with 456 tem. visa you have to apply again for her dependent visa if she want to stay in Australia after her 456 visa expire. It is not automatic, you have to get a letter for your company again to indicate your nomination also include her and apply online again by paying 180. It will not take long but she might have to do medicals again depending. As you already know 457 visa would take 1-2 months to process and I can not see a logic about applying 456 only to reapply for 457 within 1 month.

You can also contact DIMA business center which process your 457 application. There are really helpful and you will get a professional answer.

07-25-2006, 07:56 PM
Thanks a lot for the information.