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04-08-2007, 07:58 PM
dear senior members,

i applied to nia for my skill assessemnt for the occupation of accountant.
sadly they cleared only 6 subjects & didn't approved the following:
1. financial & corporate accounting
2. auditing
3. business finance
4. current accounting issues
5. aus. taxation law
6. aus. company law

now as u all know no. 5 & 6 r not possible to b matched by anybody who is not studying in aus.

but for the remaining 4 i'm pretty much sure that i've studied all during my bachelor degree & post-graduate degree in my univ. at amritsar (punjab), india.

so now i'm going to lodge appeal for review, & for that i need support & help from all members whi have some information regarding how to go for appeal?
i have decided to write a kind of statutory declaration stating what kind of topics i studied in these subjects/ that these topics were studied separately in two diff. classes with slightly diff. heading.

please guide me how to write such declaration, how much deatiled it should be?

thanx in advance for ur valuable advices.

04-09-2007, 01:40 AM
I don't know whether i'll be suggesting the impossible... besides your stat declaration, is it possible to get your lecturers to write their course description, unless you already have it somewhere?

that should help. i'm telling you this, because, when i went to study in Tasmania, there where a couple of credits that had certain pre-requisites. i had sent all the course descriptions of my credits here that i thought would help me in my admission to the credits in Tasmania, and in fact i was admitted to the courses.

of course, this is a totally different situation. but if you handed in a course description of the credits undertaken, you might find it helpful.

what do you think?


04-09-2007, 02:55 PM
thanx jenny for ur response,
dear my situation is somehow unique one, because i had sent my detailed syllabus to nia at the time of application for skill assessment. they cleared 6 subjects that of :
1. basic accounting
2. cost & management accounting
3. statistics
4. economics
5. computer application
6. law ( contract law etc.)

they cleared these subjects on the basis of the syllabi i provided to them & i think this syllabus was a detailed one 'cause only then they would have cleared the above mentioned subjects.

but i'm just confused to understand what went wrong for the remaining 4 i.e.:
1. financial & corporate accounting
2. auditing
3. business finance
4. current accounting issues ( theory & standards)


04-09-2007, 03:10 PM

i thought for once that i studied finacial accounting & corporate accounting seperately in 2 diff. classes, just like auditing was studied as part in bachelor degre class as co. law & auditing & then in master degree as contempory auditing & since i didn't mentioned this in my application, may be assessing officer didn't find these subjects covered

and for business finance, i didn't mentioned that it was studied under the head financial management.

but they have cleared cost & management accounting which again was studied seperately in two diff. classes as cost accounting in bachelor degree & management accounting in bachelor degree & in master degree, so if that was good for them then why not for the remaining subjects.

since my syllabus contains all the topics i studied i don;t know if any lecturer would write in my behalf regarding course details for each subject, quite frankly i haven't asked anyone yet.

dear jenny if i could ask u if u r studying accounting programme & if not then if u happen to ahve some friend out there in aus. who is in such course & can they send some details regarding those subjects which nia hasn't cleared. i surfed some of aus. univ. for these subjects they have given course details but they r in summary form not in detail, but even topics they mentioned in that summary r same to the topics which i have studied in my two degrees.

thanx in advance for any clue to my problems.

04-12-2007, 05:55 PM
Hi Shallu,

I've been following your problem coz I've gone thru the same.

Last year, I applied for assessment to NIA (B.Com) and they positively assessed me only for 4 subjects. I've no clue how to obtain the remaining 5 subjects. Even if I do an MCom by distance educatin they may not even recognise it. I also appled for a re-assessment but was unsuccessful.

Anyway, I am attaching a link to the format for the statutory declaration.
http://www.ag.gov.au/www/agd/rwpattach.nsf/VAP/(CFD7369FCAE9B8F32F341DBE097801FF)~StatutoryDeclar ation200602.pdf/$file/StatutoryDeclaration200602.pdf

I too asked for the format on the forum but no one replied. It ended up with me sending up a wrong declaration which in turn ended up with a double courier charge. At least I hope I can prevent that from happening to you.

Maybe u can get in touch thru messenger. I'd like to hear from u.

Good luck. I'm sure you will be successful.


04-14-2007, 02:39 PM
thanx janlu,

thanx for the format, but tell me it has to be written on some judiciary papers or i can write the declaration on a simple paper may be printout from computer on simple pages & then can get those notarised, do nia accept notarised declaration as they didn't accept my translation of marksheets sent to them with my application, they wanted them to be translated by official translator, which i failed to find in my city. finally they allowed me to get them signed by principal of my college, only after that they accepted them. so i'm not sure about declaration.

secondly, i tried to get information regarding what kind of topics r taught at australian universities in subjects nia hasn't cleared. all i got were simple briefing of 6-7 lines mentioning topics which they will cover during the year, but they were not in detail like mentioning chapters or contents of those chaptres.

04-14-2007, 02:45 PM

now i'm litle confused as the topics mentioned by aus. univ. like central queensland, carrick or sunshine r very well matching with the topics i covered in these subjects during my bachelor & master degree, but i don't know whether chapters will be same or not.

as far as declaration goes, do i have to explain each chapter along with it's contents in my declaration, if so then for these 4 topics my declaration would run into 20 or more pages, please guide me regarding on what kind of paper to write such declaration, would try to chat with u .

thanx in advance for any valuable input from ur side, & also how much time i have for making such review appeal, yhe letter from nia didn't mention such time limit.